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Friday, April 14, 2006

Online Discussion Forum

Waseda University On-demand Internet Class Posted by Picasa

This is where our asynchronous online discussion forum will be. You will be receiving your User i.d. and password next week (April 17-21). Once you have this information, you can now go to the link below. Click 'Login' to enter the site. From the menu bar, scroll until you find your school's name. Click on the name and press 'enter'.

The url link is

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Wenzao Lecturers' Introduction Video
Video format: MP4

Note: Streaming of video file takes minutes, so please be patient. If you can't wait, you may download the file to your hard drive instead.

To download the file, right click (hover your mouse to this link) here. And click 'Save file as'. After downloading the file, you could transfer it to your mp3 player (or Ipod Video) and watch/listen to it while you're on the go!

Tinyurl of the video: